Performances at the Royal Opera House, including a scene from Swan Lake by The Royal Ballet, and Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by The Royal Opera

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Whether you're new to ballet and opera or if you've loved them all your life, we have something for you.
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Covent Garden Legends and Landmarks Tour
25 May24 June 2019
Royal Opera House
Step back into history and discover more about the Royal Opera House and the legends of London’s Theatre Land.
Backstage Tour
27 May24 July 2019
Royal Opera House
Visit the Backstage and Front of House areas of one of the world's leading theatres as it prepares to open its doors for the evening performance.
Thurrock Tour
31 May26 July 2019
Discover the fascinating world of the craftspeople who create stunning costumes, scenery and sets for the Royal Opera House on a tour of the Bob and Tamar Manoukian Production Workshop and Costume Centre.
Velvet, Gilt and Glamour Tour
31 May18 July 2019
Royal Opera House
Whenever visitors see the historic auditorium of the Royal Opera House for the first time, it always amazes them.